NBA Workshop – Our Summary and Conclusions

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Claudelands Conference Centre
Summary of the workshop was that the NBA were looking at the a ‘levy’ for all Beekeepers. The proposed levy “contribution” aimed to help NBA to be able to fund more research mainly due to the fact that government are no longer willing to fund the Bee industry. It was suggested that we Beekeepers form an agreed set of common goals and operate under one umbrella. An interesting point made by Daniel was “…hobbyists are the commercial Beekeepers of tomorrow…” Then after all the main topics were covered the speakers came back as a ‘panel’ and opened the floor to questions. My personal view is that Hobbyists are clearly a 21st century response to the recent loss of Bees across the world, these are the modern Beekeepers and according to the NBA’s own statistics, show Hobbyists as making up the majority of Beekeepers in NZ. I think that it would be sensible for the NBA to encourage Hobbyists who I feel will be part of a key to help in the survival of the Bees, some Hobbyists located in urban areas which separate from them from large commercial operations, separate them from agriculture pesticide risks, etc which may assist in protecting them from spread of disease and poisoning. Unfortunately… Within NBA, Hobbyists are not fairly represented nor appropriately considered by the NBA in any decision-making due to the fact voting rights within the NBA are one vote for one hive so Hobbyists are immediately disadvantaged. Another point which I would like to make is that the cost of NBA membership for a Hobbyist, is in my opinion – huge. The consideration is that if a Hobbyist loses a hive – the cost of the membership is effectively the cost of a new hive. I feel that it was worthwhile attending this workshop. I hope that the NBA consider the Hobbyist more seriously, and who can contribute positively to Beekeeping, I asked Daniel to consider setting-up a Hobbyist team within the NBA. We hope you enjoyed our PODCASTS and BLOG. Thanks so much for following kiwimana. Please note we do have products we have designed and which we have purpose-built to help in the management and monitoring of varroa whilst also making them easy to use. We believe these products can provide your Bees with hives that are properly ventilated, but also keeps the hive warm and dry so your Bees can thrive. These are the… – kiwimana meshboards – kiwimana Drone Brood Management Frames check out our website for more info. Cheers Margaret and Gary
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3 thoughts on “NBA Workshop – Our Summary and Conclusions

    • Gary says:

      Sorry about that Peter, we are looking at a new system. That will only send out one post per day.

      Thanks for the feedback…Gary

  1. Cally Brown says:

    I love your blog and if there are more than one posts a day – I save some for a day when there is no post 🙂

    I was interested when one speaker at the workshop asked for hobbyists to raise their hands – I suspect that the reason was to show how hobbyists don’t take beekeeping seriously – and such a large proportion of the attendees turned out to be hobbyists!

    I joined NBA this year. I have found that the most hobbyist-relevant information that they provide is found in the April and October magazines that are sent out to every registered beekeeper. I find the attitude towards hobbyists unwelcoming. And I found the editorial in the April edition extremely offensive. I won’t be rejoining unless they come up with some incentive – like being polite!

    Thank you for your blog, and for recording the talks so that I can go back and listen again to some of the talks. The workshop was well worth attending, and I am grateful to the NBA for putting it on. And for free (though I did send them a donation – I wonder how many commercial beekeepers did that?)

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