Moving bees in the dead of night

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Well a busy night moving bees around West Auckland. We picked up our swarm lure, which was overflowing with a swarm :).
We wanted to move this colony within our own property, but as this was less than 2 miles away, we employed the 2 feet or 2 mile rule (Even if New Zealand uses imperial measurements 🙂 ) If you move a hive less than two miles (3.2 kms) the field bees will return to the location of the old hive. Moving them further means the bees are forced to reorientate themselves. Some people have told us you don’t need to do this, but we wanted to make sure that we give them the best chance. On the journey over the entrance opened up slightly and around thirty bees were gathered at the entrance. Because it was dark, we luckily didn’t get any bees flying around in the car. Which isn’t a safe way to travel… The bees have been moved to my sisters farm for a three week holiday. Margaret is going to transfer them to a larger hive tomorrow. After three weeks the bees will forget about their old home and then can be moved again.
We then went onto Franks house to pick up our other new hive that we purchased. It’s surprising how much a box full of bees weigh. The bees have been busy cleaning up the old comb we gave them, as evidenced by the wax debris below the screened bottom board. These guys have now taken up residence at Kiwimana HQ. All in all a great nights work. Thanks to Michelle for taking the photos of the Hive Transfer…

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