Mokoroa’s New Queen

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The Queen in her Cage
We open up the NUC today to see if all is well with the new Queen, she has been released from her cage and has started to lay eggs. Some of the cells had two eggs in them, which isn’t good had a look on the Internet and it says this can be normal for a new Queen that hasn’t laid for a while. Lets hope that’s the case, she is quite small compared to our other Queens I wonder if she will grow larger.

We also added a full frame with some Honey on one side. The box is a tight squeeze so it was hard getting the full five frames into the NUC.

Cheap Pine 3/4 Super Boxes
Cheap Pine 3/4 Super Boxes
In other Kiwimana HQ news spent last Saturday building 3/4 hive boxes, this time we used some cheap pine boxing wood. Which is normally used for doing concreting. It wasn’t the best wood to work with as it was full of knots and warping in places.

But with some elbow grease and numerous clamps I think I have made some passable boxes for the Bees to store their honey in. I also painted then with Boiled Linseed oil, so there are looking good. I will upload a photo, what wood do you make your boxes out from?

We will see how these boxes hold out compared the ones made with better wood.

3 thoughts on “Mokoroa’s New Queen

  1. Matt says:

    Woowooo just checked my sole remaining hive, one super FULL of honey was lots of drone comb and drones but the comb is now being filled with honey, and plenty of healthy brood across both brood boxes and NO AFB they havent moved into the second super yet but am sure they will once the drone comb is all filled up…Will give it a couple more weeks and make a split….

  2. Anna says:

    No, she won’t grow any bigger.
    Caged queens are usually smaller than those raised by the bees themselves, so in this respect it is better to introduce queen cells. Though it needs more experience.

    Anyhow, good luck with rearing your own queens later in the season.
    Luckily we don’t have the Africanized bee problem here in NZ, so there is no reason why we should not raise our own queens.

    Oh, one more thing. In spring it can take a new queen up to 3-4 weeks to start laying, so if you see no eggs on day 30 it does not necessary mean failure.

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