Mokoroa 1 Merge

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Checked the Mokoroa 1 cache that we re-queened with a queen from Dal’s Pollination three weeks ago.

The hive is going from strength to strength after we removed the wax moths. The hive has new brood and spotted a lot of eggs as well. It was touch and go for a while with these girls, but they are survivors. Dallas from Dal’s Pollination did recommend we create a new split with the new Queen rather than add the Queen to the hive that at the time had a lot of very old bees. In retrospect that probably would have avoided the wax moths issues as the hive would have got stronger quicker. Will look at doing that next time we get a new Queen.

We decided to merge the hive with the queen less hive that was Margaret’s queen experiment. The queen cell had hatched but no queen appeared. She mustn’t have survived her mating flight or the bees didn’t think she was up for the job.

We used the newspaper method to Merge the hives to save the queen less bees and also give Mokoroa 1 some nice frames of capped honey for winter.

The Newspaper method involves placing the two hives together with a sheet of newspaper between them. The theory is that the Bees eat through the paper and by the time they get through they are used the smell of their new hive mates, thus don’t attack each other. We have employed this before and it works great. You can read more about this HERE.

Let’s hope the merge goes well and the bees start building up resources for winter.

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