Misconceptions at the Waitemata Home and Garden show

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I went along to the Waitemata Home and Garden show today to help out on the Auckland Bee Club stand. I was joined by Andrew and Anahera, we had a great day with some laughs along the way. Andrew really should write a book with some of his stories 🙂

It was interesting to talk bees with members of the public, and we found a few people that were really keen. We hope these guys take the next step and come along to the next club day 12 May 2012.

Some misconceptions I discovered, while chatting with the public:-

I can’t have bees I don’t have enough space!

A beehive only needs a square metre and another metre for you to stand while you are working the hive. Come on guys you don’t need to supply the bees all the land to forage.

The bees will attack my children!

Bees are generally non-aggressive. If you provoke them by throwing stones at their hive, then that’s another story 🙂

As long as you ensure the bees approach to the hive isn’t a footpath then you should be fine. If you place the hive entrance against a fence or hedge (Give them about a foot of space). This forces the bees to gain height before taking off, this avoids the issue of bees flying across pathways and disturbing people.

You can hide an army truck and it will never be found.

Hee Hee this was one of Andrews stories, ask him about it the next time you see him.

Thanks Andrew and Anahera for making it an enjoyable day. All in all a good home show, see you at the next club day 12 May 2012!!! More details at the club web site HERE

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