Minding your own Beeswax

Boiling Beeswax A couple of months ago we heard about a process at the Franklin Bee Club to clean up dirty Beeswax from your solar wax extractor or direct from your capping’s bucket. We had some left over wax from last years honey harvest that needed cleaning up. (1) You need some type of gas cooker (we used our BBQ) (2) An old stainless steel pot (3) Water We boiled the water and then added the dirty wax into the water, once the wax started boiling we turned off the heat and left it to set. Once set you will see that the dirty wax sinks to the bottom of the wax, and also colours the water brown. The dirty wax is cut off and the process starts again until the wax is nice and clean. Tip for young players, don’t do this during the day when the bees are flying. I did and every bee in Auckland, came to check out what that nice smell was about. Best time would in the evening after the bees have gone to bed. This gives you the night to cool down your wax. Also be very careful wax can ignite if you get it too hot, so don’t do this inside. The final step I did was to pour the wax through a muslin cloth to clear any other debris, this produced a nice block of wax that can used to make candles or for sealing joints in your bee hive boxes. Have a look at the photos below for the steps.

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    Peter says:

    The article is great. Though here in Kenya we actually harvest after every 3 months. Excellent weather all through.

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