Margaret the Marmite SuperStar!!! – KM009

The ninth podcast from the team at Kiwimana HQ. This month we discuss Marmite, Splitting Hives and Smoking Grape Fruit Leaves.

Topics this month

Here are the links for the topics mentioned in this months podcast:-

Margaret’s Bee Week Event

Bee Week 2012

Margarets Bee Inspections

Weather – Good Opportunities!

The Beekeepers Corner Podcast

Its Spring Time, Do you bees have enough stores?

Do you bees have enough stores

How to Split a Bee Hive

How to Split a Bee Hive

Massive Bee Infestation Transforms Roof Into Huge Hive
Bee transform house roof into Massive Hive.

Smoking Out Bee Mites
Beekeepers have a long-established practice of using smoke to calm their bees before opening the hive. Now U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists have found another potential benefit from smoke: Some plants, when burned, give off natural chemicals that control honey bee mites.

Medieval Beekeeping
Author Anna Markland’s latest book is about Medieval Beekeeping.

NBA Summary

Our Summary and Conclusions

Margaret the Marmite Superstar

Margaret the Marmite Superstar
Margaret is in a small advert for Marmite!!

Song of the Month

Rock Band in Auckland that rocks the crowd!!

TRIBAL STATE – Long way from home

Auckland, New Zealand
If you would like to purchase this song or find our more please click Tribal State.

Check out Tribal States other links:-



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