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This is Episode One hundred and Sixty of our beekeeping show − Making a Gallon of Mead: Micro Mead Making With Michael Jordan

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This Week in Beebooks

We catch up with Jerry Burbidge from Northern Bee Books about a great bee book of the week.

Beekeeping At Buckfast Abbey with Brother Adam

This is the definitive account of beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey. It is not a manual but a general account of the beekeeping as carried out at Buckfast. It demonstrates that every piece of equipment, every manipulation, every aspect of management was designed to achieve the best possible result, calling for a minimum of effort and time, a lesson we can all learn to our beekeeping advantage.

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Michael Jordan is a Beekeeper, Educator and Mead Maker from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

In this episode we discuss how and why Micro Mead Making is the greatest way to start Making Mead.

The interview was recorded in March 2020

Resources Mentioned

Michael Jordan #1 AMMA CBD/THC Mead Award winning Medical Mead Movie

Michael Jordan #1 AMMA CBD/THC Mead Award winning Medical Mead

After Show

Wow Michael really knows how to make Mead!!!

Key Takeaways

Three major Takeaways from this interview

  1. Micro Mead Making gives you the ability to be able to test your Mead recipes with not too much waste.
  2. Mead has a great history
  3. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

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Show Times

  • What is Micro Mead Making 00:04:41
  • What are the advantages of Micro Mead Making? 00:06:32
  • Little John’s Braggot 00:07:57
  • How much Honey do you need to make a batch of Mead 00:08:50
  • Is Mead expensive to make? 00:09:49
  • The cannabis mead Michael Made 00:11:44
  • Mead as Medicine throughout History 00:12:32
  • A Meadery joins the fight against COVID-19 00:14:59
  • Why was Michael Banned? 00:15:46
  • Get the whole Family Involved 00:16:44
  • Banana Mead 00:17:25
  • The four major components of Mead 00:18:32
  • Why you need to document what you did 00:21:45
  • Award Winning Meads are not always good drinkable Meads 00:22:45
  • How long do you age a mead? 00:24:33
  • Is it legal to make mead? 00:26:11
  • Don’t drink angry 00:28:54
  • Friar Michael can Marry you 00:29:15
  • History of Mead 00:31:27
  • What is Honeymoon Mead? 00:34:08
  • Michaels Dream is to own his own Meadery 00:35:40
  • Why making cannabis mead might get you banned 00:38:29
  • The Fat Bee Man Facebook Group 00:41:55
  • You only have to find one 00:44:19
  • Our Key Takeaways 00:46:27
  • Who helped us in bringing this show to you? 00:48:13

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