Lucky Number Thirteen – KM013

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A show where we talk about bees, gardening and life.

The thirteenth podcast from the the team at kiwimana. This week we are talking about inspections and buddies, and we talked to Kevin from the BK Corner podcast.

What’s happening at Kiwimana

Margaret reviews the year, thanks everyone.

Click on the image if you would like to buy a copy
Click on the image if you would like to buy a copy

Margaret discusses what has happened in the previous year. Thanks to everyone that has commented and contributed to the blog and podcast over the previous year.

The Kiwimana Shop is open for Business

We have finally opened up one online store selling beekeeping equipment, thanks to everyone that has visited the site.
Here is the Full blog post

The First kiwimana buddies meeting

We first meeting went pretty well with three beginners coming along, we are planning another one after the holiday break.
Full Blog Post Here

Our First Kiwimana Buzz interview with Kevin from BK Corner

We used Google Hangouts to record an interview with Kevin from the BK Corner Podcast
Here is the full Article

News Topics

Bayer have invented a varroa gate

Interesting new device from Bayer?
What do you think?

UK – Are bees under threat from amateur beekeepers?

Are the bees of London under threat of starvation because of the number of new beekeepers in the area?
Read More here

Western beekeepers hopeful of varroa mite solution

Amitraz has proven effective as an insect repellent in other uses, but has not been approved yet for use in honeybee colonies in the United States.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture has approved it’s use in Beekeeping.

This is the active chemical in Apivar, which is already used in New Zealand.
***Update Sep 2013 – Article is no longer available on remote website***

A day of inspections

Gary posted a blog post about his day of inspections, all hives are looking good.
Here is The Blog Post

Marcia’s Passing

Sad news this month, a great bee lady has passed away.
Here is Blog Post

Feedback From Our Listeners


“I really like five reasons to learn beekeeping thanks for sharing these podcast roundups.”

Check our Emma’s blog here


“Hi Guys, lovely blog. Thats very good news re vaporisor enjoyed your 11th podcast”

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Thanks…Gary and Margaret

2 thoughts on “Lucky Number Thirteen – KM013

  1. Avatar photo
    kevin moore says:

    Hi Guy’s you should be pointing out to your new members that the hives must be registered with M.A.F, Good end of year pod, we too are having a great year, Happy new year to you both kev

    • Avatar photo
      Gary Fawcett says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yep indeed, it’s important to register your hives. The hives mentioned were registered.

      People need to learn what diseases look like, I would encourage everyone to complete the DECA course. Or study what diseases look like.

      Diseases like AFB are better found sooner than later to stop the spread to your neighbours hives.

      Happy New Year…Gary

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