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Louise - EP51Hi this is Episode fifty one of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking about neonicotinoids, Louise, Thieving Mongrels and a break.

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Welcome To the kiwimana buzz…

Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

What’s happening at kiwimana


  • Childrens Bee Suit Age 3first Beekeepers hangout went well, second one coming up on Sunday. Visit HERE for details
  • Busy on the break, Children’s beekeeping suits, New Products meeting suppliers.
  • Workshop clean up
  • There is a new beekeeping podcast by Solomon Parker “Treatment Free Beekeeping
  • Some great interviews coming soon.
  • Some very sad news about Louise, our goat
Louise enjoys the Sunrise
Love is a goat called Louise


  • Our Break (or lack of 🙂 )
  • Apiary work rubbish and overgrown areas cleared, fire
  • Workshop – new plan and rubbish
  • New stock
  • Kiwi made stuff, hive tools, frame holders, hive-boxes and frames everything you need to get going!
  • Auckland unitary plan – urban beekeeping under threat
  • Beekeeper services have been on-going due to varroa numbers
  • Equipment repairs
  • Hive losses, maybe 8 left. – losses caused by wasps, robbing, un-managed apiary which lead to damp hives
  • Hive stands crucial, meshboards and robbing screens
  • Our goat Louise, good article HERE about Parasites in Sheep and Goats
  • Margaret’s Observations of the bees at this time of the year
  • Stock level for the coming season
  • Preparing for the 1st day of spring

Blog Recap

Well no new posts during our holiday, but here is what was popular last month.

  1. Urban Beekeeping Threatened in Auckland
  2. Michael Bush – Treatment Free Beekeeping
  3. Different Types Of Beehives

News Topics

Congratulations to Prof Peter Dearden for receiving an award for his work with Honey Bee Genetics.

photo courtesy of Otago Daily Times
photo courtesy of Otago Daily Times

Genetics Otago director Associate Prof Peter Dearden has won an international award for outstanding contributions to genetics. Prof Dearden was ”extremely delighted” to win the Genetics Society of AustralAsia Ross Crozier Medal, which recognises his work on evolution and development, epigenetics and developmental plasticity.
Dunedin scientist wins international honour

Coconut Oil, Coffee and Chocolate proved to be OK in balanced diet. Yay Chocolate is ok to eat now!!!!

photo credit: Captain Kimo via photopin cc
photo credit: Captain Kimo via photopin cc

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. In the future, when we’re zipping around the biosphere on our jetpacks and eating our nutritionally complete food pellets, we won’t have to worry about what foods will kill us or which will make us live forever.
7 foods that were supposed to be incredibly unhealthy

There has been reports of beehives been stolen from the Tauranga and Gisborne areas

Photo courtesy The Gisbourne Herlad
Photo courtesy The Gisbourne Herlad

GISBORNE beekeeper Brian Gibson believes someone with beekeeping knowledge must have been responsible for the theft of seven beehives stolen from an apiary he had set up in the Whareratas. The theft was discovered last Friday and the matter was reported to police.
Thieves steal forest beehives

Also in Tauranga:-

A growing number of beehive thefts in the Bay of Plenty are concerning the region’s beekeepers, who are going to extraordinary lengths to prevent stock disappearing. Hives at Tauranga beekeeper Roger Walmsley’s Rog Bee’s Limited. A Maketu beekeeper says queen bees, hives and gear – worth hundreds of dollars – are being stolen “at random” and “from all over the Bay”.
SunLive – Beekeepers angered at thefts

They has been reports of Garden centre plants are being raised from neonicotinoid based seeds!!!! The author of this post “Rusty” has even seen dead bumble bees on some purchased plant.

photo credit: Danny Perez Photography via photopin cc
photo credit: Danny Perez Photography via photopin cc

When you go to your local gardening center and buy plants for pollinators, what are you really getting? It turns out that these plants may have already been treated with insecticides, including neonicotinoids. Lindy from the Netherlands recently wrote to me about a pesticide report aired on Dutch television.
A warning about “bee-friendly” plants

Another reason not to use Neonicotinoids in your garden or anywhere.

Neonicotinoids sold in New Zealand
Neonicotinoids sold in New Zealand

A new study seems to strengthen the evidence linking pesticides used on crops to colony collapse disorder in honeybees.Colony collapse disorder, or CCD, is a phenomenon in which honeybees inexplicably disappear from their hives. The bodies of the dead bees are typically never found.
Harvard Study Links Pesticides To Colony Collapse Disorder

Crazy policy from Michigan Commission of Agriculture, reduces smaller farms ability to farm and keep Bees and animals. Are you from Michigan, any idea why this is happening (please comment below).

This is a new ruling by the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development. Gail Philburn of the Michigan Sierra Club told Michigan Live, the new changes “effectively remove Right to Farm Act protection for many urban and suburban backyard farmers raising small numbers of animals.”…
Michigan residents lost their “right to farm”

Questions from you…

  1. Do you replace the frames in your colonies – Noel – Beekeepers’ Society of South Australia
  2. Is it OK to use a Meshboard in winter – Anne – Auckland
  3. How many times can you split a beehive – Lacey – Christchurch – New Zealand
  4. How to keep Japanese hornets out of beehives – Tomiko – Japan
    *** Talking to James who keeps Bees in Japan soon ****
  5. How to make firelighters with beeswax – Christiana – Dallas, America
    Here is our article we mentioned How to Clean Beeswax

If you have a question, email [email protected] and the team at kiwimana will do our best to answer it.

Blog Post Coming Soon

  • International Beekeeping
  • New Zealand Based Podcasts

Feedback from you guys!!!

Really good beekeeping podcast! Lots of news about beekeeping. Also, if you wanna play an awesome drinking game, drink everytime Margaret or Gary say yeah”

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After hours Bonus – Sarah Red-Laird – We Can Save the Bees Together

A talk by Sarah Red-Laird about how we can all save the bees. You can watch the video below. This is released under creative commons.

Red-Laird transformed a childhood fascination with honeybees into an impassioned career as a research scientist, educator, conservationist and revered beekeeper. From her first taste of freshly harvested honeycomb at age three, through the undergraduate research program at the University of Montana, she cultivated the art and science of beekeeping. Today, Red-Laird is based in Ashland where she educates the next generation of honeybee keepers through her Kids and Bees program and the Southern Oregon University Beekeeping Club. She also helps farmers and other land managers conserve bee habitat

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