Learning at the Franklin Bee Club

Learning at the Franklin Bee Club

The Beehive at the Club

A rainy Sunday morning greeted us today, but we were determined to get to the Franklin Bee Club. We wanted to catch up with our friends from the club and we also had a BeeClub Express order to drop off (thanks Jenny).

So we got in the “BeeHive” and headed down the southern motorway to Franklin.

Wood Work Day

Todays topics were woodworking and how to build various components of ‘The Bee hive’.

First there was a ….

New wasp lure presented

Don mentioned a new wasp lure product which is currently being tested for its effectiveness, he was looking for some volunteers which we gladly accepted. We will post more about this once we start testing this new lure. It sounds very promising.

New Wasp Trap Idea

Bottom Boards

We enjoyed listening to Graham, the new president of the club, who explained bottom boards and variations, he asked if we would explain our kiwimana meshboard – by the way which we had donated to the club last year – of course an awesome product : ) and I think we did okay.

Graham showed the variations – like making a solid bottom board and adding mesh to it.

We learnt some great tips. One idea from our youngest Beekeeper, Jamie – he created a handy tool to separate the hive boxes that get stuck together with propolis – well-done. We also meet a lot of people keen to get into beekeeping, which is great to see..

Building a hive box

Box Jig Idea

Graham had a great idea for a hive box jig, he made a frame on a sold piece of timber and then places the box components on it. He then screws the box together, this ensures that the bottom of the box is kept straight. A great idea have a look at the photo.

Then the inspections started while there were some demonstrations on how to wire-up frames, another using a jig to tension the wire, and how to add wax foundation.

We reckon Graham did a great job of running the day,

We really see the efforts by the committee and the result being a club that really offers an open view to others ideas and open discussion. The apiary is looking awesome due to renovations and the extraction kitchen is really taking shape …keep up the good work!

Results of hive inspections

Garham W examines Brood Frame

….all seem healthy. I must admit – we looked on, as we were busy chatting with people. It looked like the new people were fascinated with Graham W inspecting the top bar hive which he built, it has a window – great to see the Bees busy inside – very practical for checking the health of the Bees too, the top-bar hive is off the ground so really easy to inspect.

Al in all a great day out, were you there ? ……add a comment below:-

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