Kiwimana Christmas Wishes – KM132

This is Episode One hundred and Thirty Two of our beekeeping show – Kiwimana Christmas Wishes

Kiwimana are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges on the wild west coast of Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand.

We produce and sell beekeeping equipment, provide Beekeeper services and education.

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We heard from Cameron after show 131:-

Great show, you could say it was awesome! Sad to hear about Margaret’s jandals so decided to become a patron so she can buy a new pair. Keep up the good work!!

Cameron Miskin

What does it mean to be an Organic or Natural Beekeeper?

Now we are working on…

  • Beekeeper Activities
  • Benefits

How are we preparing for what’s coming up for the Bees ?

  • Month coming up expectations
  • Bee Behaviour
  • Beekeeper Activities
  • Results Anticipated

What are the benefits of running Honey Bee colonies organically / naturally ?

Our mission is to Save Bees, one hive at a time, by helping you keep Honey Bees alive.

Alan and Kerry’s New Bees Video

Christmas Time Thanks

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Thanks to all our customers that supported our work throughout the last year.

Big shout out and hugs to all our Rovings Reporters out their on the front lines reporting in from Bee yards around the world.

Super shout out to our Roving Reporter Joe who recently had a new daughter ‘Seren’, congrats guys and Merry Christmas.

And to you for listening to the show, the show would not be possible if you were not out there.

Beekeeping News

Egyptian beekeeper therapist uses venom to heal his patients?

An interesting story of a beekeeper in Egypt that is using Bee venom to treat patients.

On his rooftop in the outskirts of Cairo, Omar Abulhassan raises thousands of bees — not for the honey, but their venom.

Talking Points

  • Bee stings can relieve pain and cure illnesses such as rheumatism
  • He has had no medical training, hopefully he has an epipen and knows how to use it
  • Treats around five ‘patients’ a month; uses six bees per session
  • Interesting topic, but please check if you have a allergy before trying it.

Read the Full Article (with great photos) here:-Egyptian beekeeper therapist uses venom to heal his patients?

Your Feedback

Rodderick Rouseabout I hope this dude carries an EpiPen in case of anaphylaxis… I’m betting it’s never crossed his mind.
Bob Hinds Apitherapy is the world’s best kept secret.
Julie Stirling It work great on arthritic joints and tight tendons!
Greg Burns When I was building boxes this year my table saw jumped out at me and got my finger. I was lucky to have it sewed on but had no feeling in it. I noticed that the more I got stung on that finger, the more feeling I had. I’ve got about 60% feeling which is fantastic!
Karla Hale Bee Venom has been used all over the world for centuries, I have used it many times in my practise

7 pretty plants that bring in bees and good bugs

A great post from NZ Gardener about 7 plants you can use to attract bees to your garden.

Although not a perfect fix for the permanent problem of pests in the garden, a good population of beneficial insects will reduce damage and improve the overall health of your backyard environment.

Read the Full Article (with great photos) here:-7 pretty plants that bring in bees and good bugs

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Show Times

  • Who helped us in bringing this show to you? 00:00:26
  • Shout out to Cameron Miskin 00:01:25
  • What does it mean to be an Organic or Natural Beekeeper? 00:03:03
  • Christmas Time Thanks 00:10:15
  • New Year New format – Bee part of the change 00:11:49
  • Beekeeping News 00:12:51
  • Egyptian beekeeper therapist uses venom to heal his patients? 00:13:11
  • 7 pretty plants that bring in bees and good bugs 00:18:36
  • Funky 00:25:00

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