James Moore talks about his bees and the Swarmy Application – KM025


James Moore lives with his wife and cat in Portland Oregon USA. By day he works for Panic Inc on Mac and iOS software, and by night he dabbles in his own hardware and software products.

In all the in between times he’s usually touring somewhere on his bicycle. You can view his website at http://jmoore.me and follow him on pdx.social at @foozmeat.

James is also the author of the iphone application Swarmy, a program that can help predict when a colony may be getting ready to swarm.

James article about Building a quilt box for your Langstroth beehive

The club that James belongs to is the Portland Urban Beekeepers.

The Bee Informed web site that James mentioned is at beeinformed.org

Here is the article from Instructables about how to make a Honey Bee Counter.

Matthew and Jill Reeds web site is at beethinking.com* Update June 2017 – BeeThinking has ceased trading

2 thoughts on “James Moore talks about his bees and the Swarmy Application – KM025

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    Jason Bruns says:

    Listening to the episode today at work I believe I heard you speaking about quilt boxes. Do you use them? If so have you ever had mold issues? During 201o and 2011 I used attic/quilt boxes. I used the directions in warre’s book, packing leaves in some and sawdust in others and made the paste that you spread over the burlap. Both years I had problems with mold growing on the burlap. http://letmbee.com/what-to-do/. There are pictures there.

    Also Gary if it is winter there right now you should make some swarm traps and get them up next spring. It is a phenomenal way to get feral/survival stock. I have directions on my site for traps, loading, site location selection, and trap placement.

    Good luck…..

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      Gary Fawcett says:

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Yes we use them on a couple of hives; we find them a good way to stop moisture building up in the bee colony.

      We use canvas and don’t use any paste sorry, so haven’t experienced the issue the mould you mentioned in your article. Wouldn’t sealing the canvas defeat the whole purpose of the quilt level (ie. Letting hot air escape the hive)

      We just use a layer of canvas on top of a propolis mat, and fill the box with saw dust here is our article when we built them:-

      Yep swarm traps are a great idea, we made up some last year out of old wood and we caught a few swarms.

      See ya…Gary

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