Its Autumn in New Zealand – The Time to Treat is here

Autumn Leaves - Time To Treat

Time To Treat Your bee hives

The honey flow has slowed down in most parts of New Zealand and hopefully you have taken all your honey supers off, and got your honey in jars for the winter months.

Now its time for you to do your part and get your bees setup for the winter months.

This includes:-

  • Removing as many mites as possible
  • Reducing the bees into one or two boxes
  • Ensuring the bees have at least six full frames of honey (spread over several frames)
  • Your bees are raised up off the ground. To prevent rain splash up and rising damp in colder areas.
  • Combining any weak or Queen-less colonies with strong ones.

We are going to start treating our hives this weekend with a combination of the Oxalic Acid (Vaporised) and Api Life Var biscuits. Both treatments are done over a three week period, which we will start this weekend.

Whatever treatment you choose, its critical to check that the treatment has worked, and your bees go into winter with a low mite count.

What are you doing to do to get your bees set up for winter?

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