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This is Episode One hundred and thirty five of our beekeeping show – Is Honey Good for Your Diabetes.

Kiwimana are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges on the wild west coast of Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand.

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This week we are discussing if Honey and Diabetes are a good combo and some naughty Bees make an uninvited visit to the Henderson Police Station. We also have Roving Reporters reported in from North Carolina, Poland, Texas and Indiana.

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What does it mean to be an Organic or Natural Beekeeper?

Generally it will require more beehive management with regular monitoring.

Last show we discussed how to…

Season / Weather

Our native Christmas tree, The pohutakawa
Our native Christmas tree, The pohutukawa

Manage Space as we came in to Summer, the weather was definitely hitting some highs – 32 degrees Celsius and lowest went down to 6. We’ve now reset our outdoor temperature gauge as we now move into January so we can monitor changes. Our native Kanukas were flowering heavily and are still flowering but starting to lose petals. Flowering Kanuka means our honey will be awesome- thick and rich in taste and a close cousin to the Manuka tree or tea tree. Our native Christmas tree, The pohutakawa, is losing its blooms too.

Bee Behaviour

What this means for the Honey Bee here in New Zealand’s North island, is that with the weather offering-up some rain with warm temperatures, this has seen an increase in re-flowering of some plants – one being our clematis vine – so for our girls here at kiwimana HQ west coast of Auckland there is extra nectar available so has seen increases in nectar collection.

Beekeeper Activities

So for us Beekeepers managing space through the rest of Summer is a key jobbie, along with monitoring brood health as AFB could be present, Therefore the 3 top priorities is to keep on top of population growth, AFB checks and managing nectar collection


Our nucleus colonies with new season queens (which are a combination carniolan and Italian mix) are really amping-up populations so they have been filling a second full-depth hive box.

Last inspection results show that the nucleus colonies were more focused on brood production around 15,000 but now risen up to 24,000 – these figures do not include walking Bees.

Our older queen colonies were given OAV treatments to keep knocking back Varroa Destructor Mite and the results of which has seen healthy well formed bees with healthy larvae in cells and all populations strong, I had to split one colony (which was the colony that was merged before Winter past – due to being blown over by storm but was not a very strong population) …but now due to it growing so fast with nectar stores filling everything. splitting was my best option. The second smaller colony has come to be doing really well with increased population and needs another inspection.

Folks have been extracting honey before December but some are saying they have to do more extractions due to the heavy honey flow…

Now we are working on…

Beekeeper Activities Kiwimana HQ

  • Going through and inspecting all Beehives for status of laying space – adding extra frames to 7 frame colony and an extra box to our langstroth.
  • Have to get to our 3/4 hives at this apiary as I have neglected them so hopefully no absconding due to my neglect of them.
  • With 2 hive boxes now – they will be ready for beginners to pick-up – we offer pre-purchase inspections so they can see what they are getting, the reason we do this is to give beginners the best start…then their biggest challenge will be to get their Beehives through Autumn and Winter and with the build-up this season the colonies are all performing well with leaving here with good stores.

Education Apiary Nucleus Colonies

Benefits We encourage the beginners to have 10 to 12 honey frames at the end of Summer, having plenty of stores to get them through Winter. Benefits are that with real honey it is the best food for them with no need for beginners to worry about having to feed syrups as this will give good stores with resources for the Spring splits. How are we preparing for what’s coming up for our Bees ?

Month coming up expectations More capping of honey stores

Bee Behaviour Watching out for bearding – space management

Beekeeper Activities Building more woodware for beginners in case they want more boxes and frames

Results Anticipated My split to be ready to go out for mating What are the benefits of running Honey Bee colonies organically / naturally ? Our mission is to Save Bees, one hive at a time, by helping you keep Honey Bees alive.

Roving Reporters

This week reports from North Carolina, Poland, Texas and Indiana.

Avari from Rascals Apiary – North Carolina

Avari is 16 years old and keeps bees with her parents and older brother.

Follow Rascal Apiary on YouTube HERE

They are also on Instagram HERE

Check out Avari articles on North Carolina’s Bee Buzz HERELook for the Fall 2018 Issue

Here is direct link to the Fall 2018 Issue HERE

John and Jeanne from Tulip Tree Adopt a Bee – Indiana

John and Jeanne are from Huntington in Indiana from the United States of America.

Check them out HERE

Thanks guys for being one of our supporters as well John has shared album of the Thermal Images of his Beehives HERE

Jesse from Smithville, Texas

We heard from Jessie in Smithville, which is a small town between Austin and Houston.

Weronika from Krobia, Poland


Weronika visited New Zealand and Margaret took her to do a hive inspection where she helped while Margaret did an AFB check – thanks Weronika.

Weronika is a fourth generation beekeeper who meet late in 2018, when she travelled to New Zealand.

Keep track with her adventures on Instagram HERE

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Beekeeping News

Raw Honey for Diabetes?

Some potential good news for Honey Lovers who are also suffer from Diabetes. Some honey can not only be sweet but can increase insulin in your blood. This post by Nutritionist Angela Ysseldyk was first published in on Bee Pollen Buzz blog.

A common question I get asked is whether or not diabetics can consume honey. It has long been thought that honey should be severely limited (along with most sugars) by diabetics.

Talking Points

  • Insulin is used to break down sugars in your body.
  • Being Diabetes means your body doesn’t naturally produced enough Insulin.
  • Article covers three different Studies into Honey’s Benefits.
  • First Study combined Diabetic drugs either metformin or glibenclamide with honey.
  • Honey significantly increased insulin, decreased hyperglycemia and fructosamine.
  • Fructosamine – is used to identify blood glucose concentration over time
  • The two drugs alone significantly reduced hyperglycemia, when they were combined with honey they produced significantly much lower blood glucose as compared to the drugs alone???
  • Study was published in the Journal of medical Food
  • Second Study shows that honey improved glycemic control in diabetics
  • But is all things medical please consult your doctor, myself and Margaret are not doctors nor play one on the Internet.

Full Article is here:- Raw Honey for Diabetes?

Your Feedback

Greg Burns I’m no doctor but I’m Hypoglycemic which is the opposite of diabetes. Honey is a fantastic sugar source that really does a great job of balancing my dips in sugar and really helps during sugar crashes. Aaron Smith Greg you are diabetic if your levels are too low or to hi. I’m type 2 ( hyperglycemic my levels are anywhere from 10 – 30 most people sit around 5.i take pills and injections daily Lou Mckenzie Honey is a simple sugar. For some reason, Sourwood honey can bee tolerated by diabetics.

Police car infiltrated by a 20,000-strong bee swarm in West Auckland

More swarms in Auckland or is is that just a sting operation that didn’t take off?

A West Auckland police station was a hive of activity on Saturday afternoon when a massive swarm of bees took over a patrol car.

Police car infiltrated by a 20,000-strong bee swarm in West Auckland

Your Feedback

Stephen Stewart A misunderstanding on the requirements for drones and sting operation? Gary Fawcett David Missing any bees?

Feedback from You

Mark de Kiewiet from Texas

I love your podcast! Have been listening to it for a few years. You guys have so much personality! Dee Lusby will be hosting the 12th International Organic Beekeeper’s Conference in March next year. It would be nice if you mentioned that in one of your Podcasts.


Carl Mortimer from Coatesville

I’ve listened to all of your podcasts and always look forward to the next one. I specifically enjoy your apiary updates as it live in the area (Coatesville) and this helps me to focus on what I should be doing and what to focus on at the next inspection. Keep up the great work you guys!

Cheers Carl

BeeGirl from Instagram

Thanks! Love listening to your podcast and your fun loving banter. Please let Margaret know I’m most appreciative of her non sugar feeding approach. I am a firm believer that sugar feeding is not helping our bees bee the best they can bee ! Sadly in our neck of the woods it seems that fall syrup feeding has become the norm. If you have any links to scientific studies showing the negative effects to our precious honey bees that you could pass along I’d be most grateful. Many thanks for educating people in holistic and sustainable beekeeping practices

Bee Girl

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Show Times

  • Who helped us in bringing this show to you? 00:00:51
  • What does it mean to be an Organic or Natural Beekeeper? 00:01:57
  • Roving Reporters 00:09:57
  • RR – North Carolina 00:10:07
  • RR – Indiana 00:12:21
  • RR – Poland 00:17:55
  • Do you want to bee a Roving Reporter? 00:23:14
  • Beekeeping News 00:24:03
  • Raw Honey for Diabetes? 00:24:13
  • Police car infiltrated by a 20,000-strong bee swarm in West Auckland 00:28:57
  • Your Feedback 00:30:35

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