Is Beekeeping the Antidote for the 21st Century, We Talk to Nigel Costley- KM129

This is Episode One Hundred and twenty nine of our beekeeping podcast. This week we are talking to Nigel Costley from Nelson. We are Gary and Margaret, we love Honey bees, we are kiwimana and we are Beekeepers who live in the Waitakere Ranges, on the Wild West coast of Auckland, in New Zealand. kiwimana is a place where the beekeeping community can share a conversation and connect. ..we also – as if that wasn’t enough – build and sell beekeeping supplies, we teach beginner Beekeepers and provide beekeeper services and advice. And we are the “beesknees” Club, Facebook group Great to have you joining us, we know life is busy for you so we appreciate that you have taken the time to join us today – thanks so much for beeing part of the kiwimana buzz,


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Barbara Weber

Barbara has been supporting the kiwimana buzz since March 2018 We hope all is well over in New South Wales for you and your bees. Thanks for your support !!! The interview was recorded on 1 September 2018 The First Day of Spring in New Zealand


Nigel Costley

Nigel Costley has been a Beekeeper for over forty years. He is also Beekeeping Tutor and freelance journalist and is based in Nelson in New Zealand. He is also the host of the popular Beesotted Podcast. He is unofficially known as Nelson’s Top Bee bore 🙂

Here is what you will discover (Now with Times!!!)

  • How did Nigel become Nelsons Bee Bore 00:02:58
  • What do you love about about bees? 00:04:21
  • How did you first get started as a beekeeper? 00:05:40
  • Is Andrew Matheson a Diplomat Now? 00:06:45
  • Nigels Beekeeping course at Taratahi 00:07:51
  • Do you think New Zealand will ever be AFB Free? 00:09:23
  • Do you think we will see a varroa Resistant bee in New Zealand 00:10:22
  • Nigel has been inspired by Ron Hoskins 00:12:06
  • Nelson doesn’t have manuka madness yet 00:19:19
  • Does Nigel Think unlicensed Hives are a problem 00:20:16
  • 22 unregistered dead hives found in Auckland 00:21:32
  • People don’t know what AFB Looks like 00:22:48
  • Gadgets in Beekeeping – A good thing? 00:22:52
  • Nigel was involved when varroa first arrived in the South Island 00:26:35
  • How did Varroa mites arrive in Auckland 00:31:04
  • Where are kiwimana’s Hives located? 00:31:55
  • When is season 2 of Nigels Podcast coming out? 00:33:10
  • Nick Wallingford podcast from 2006 00:34:06
  • Do you have a funny beekeeping experience that you would like to share with our listeners? 00:35:05
  • Ways to help prevent Anaphylactic shock in Children 00:40:59
  • All people that report swarms are allergic to bees stings 00:42:44
  • What’s the biggest issue facing beekeeping In Nelson? 00:44:34
  • How do you get in touch with Nigel? 00:47:20

Resources mentioned in the show

Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand

You can email Nigel here:-

After Show

Gary’s Key Takeaways

  • In some areas of New Zealand 48% of colonies are not registered?
  • Maybe a population of feral bees can help the bees deal with mites.
  • Goats and bees are not good combination

End of the Show!!

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2 thoughts on “Is Beekeeping the Antidote for the 21st Century, We Talk to Nigel Costley- KM129

  1. Avatar photo
    Malcolm says:

    Listening to your podcast with Nigel; he mentioned Nick Wallinford’s podcast, but it doesn’t show up in your show notes. Were you able to find anything? Here’s reference to something I wrote several years ago that I stuck up on the Apis Information Resource Center at

    Malcolm T. Sanford

    • Avatar photo
      Gary Fawcett says:

      Hi Malcolm,

      Thanks for the message, I managed to get in touch with Nick and he is happy for me to upload the episodes of his 2006 show. Please watch this space, I will be creating a post with players to listen to his episodes.


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