Inspecting Hives and Sending Bees in the post?

It was time to inspect hives today in between painting bee hive boxes and dodging the ever-present rain in Auckland. Isn’t it meant to be summer here?

These are some notes from the inspections today:-

Taupaki 1

Hive is very strong and doing very well, loads of bees in the brood area and their have built out two boxes with brood. The hive has some crazy comb issues due to using foundation less frames. I have removed this hopefully the bees will take the hint. I removed one ¾ box which was added before Christmas in case of a honey flow, but the bees haven’t touched the box. So have left them with two ¾ boxes to work on. The hive needs some Drone Management frames which we will build when we get a chance. Did spot the Queen going about her royal duties, which is always a thrill (Can you spot her?) The hive does seem to have a large population of drones for some reason. Swanson 1 These bees were a swarm we picked up in the middle of November. There have been busy and have started building out the second full-sized box. No need to add or remove any boxes from these guys. Didn’t spot the Queen in this hive, but did see plenty of brood. Here is a great picture from the hive:- I did see a few Varroa mites when some drone comb broke apart between frames. Adult Bee Testing I have also been asked by Asure Quality to be part of their testing for their “American Foulbrood National Pest Management Strategy”. My role is to provide some bees from our hives, which I also did today and have couriered them to them to test. I always seem to be picked to do these random surveys? Felt sad that some of my girls had to lose their life for this testing. Here are the photos of today’s inspection:-

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