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kiwimana is a place where the beekeeping community can share a conversation and connect and in this episode we talk to Travis Ulbrich Better known as Yappy Beeman from Alabama in North America.

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The interview was recorded in October 2017

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Travis Ulbrich is a Beekeeper and Fireman from Alabama, he is a well known Bee Rescuer that is often seen on his Yappy Beeman YouTube Channel. He is also one of founding Bee Hooligans on the Bee Smart podcast.

We talk to Yappy about his Philosophy about removing and keeping Honey Bees in Alabama. This show is full of some amazing Beekeeping and Bee removal tips.

Here is what you will discover

For your reference we now include times for the conversation points, Some podcast players allow you to click on the times to jump to that section.

  • What does Yappy think of Treatment Free Beekeeping 00:02:40
  • Message from Estonia about Yappy’s Videos 00:04:26
  • The Origin of Beesifrus (The Original Beekeeper!) 00:06:41
  • How did you get started in beekeeping 00:10:43
  • There are easier ways to get your bees than a cutout 00:15:14
  • What did Yappy Learn about Swarms at Bud gathering 00:18:11
  • Has Yappy Heard of those Audio Swarm Detectors ? 00:20:48
  • Are any other members of Yappy’s family involved in Beekeeping? 00:22:54
  • Does Yappy ever wear a veil? 00:24:37
  • Have africanized bees reached Alabama yet? 00:26:46 ***
  • When cutting a wall around bees, does the vibration annoy them? 00:33:25
  • Does Yappy have any funny Beekeeping experiences 00:35:04
  • If Yappy could travel back in time, what would he tell himself? 00:41:55
  • Does Yappy Reframe Honey Frames from Cutouts 00:45:33
  • How do you tell when a honey flow is on 00:50:08
  • Why is it so important to develop your own Beekeeping Management Program 00:52:20
  • Why Beekeepers need a second job to support it 00:59:12
  • Why a package of bees is probably not a good place to start Treatment Free Beekeeping 00:59:56
  • How can you get in touch with Yappy? 01:06:53

*** – See more about this the africanized bee’s history and movement HERE

Resources mentioned in the show

Video: Future Beekeeper Helps Catch A Swarm Of Honey Bees

The video of Ms. Sadie and Daddy Roo “Yappy” Shaking a swarm that was discussed in the show:-

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    Elizabeth Racaniello says:

    I have an extremely large bee hive in a tree in my yard…my kids are alergic to bees. How can I safely remove the hive

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