How to use a Timms Trap

Timms Trap available at your local hardware store

In New Zealand we have an issue with an introduced pest called the Australian brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula). These furry creatures were introduced into New Zealand from Australia to establish a fur trade 1837.

One method of controlling these pests in by the use of a Timms Trap.

How To Trap A Possum

Photo Credit: Hasitha Tudugalle
Photo Credit: Hasitha Tudugalle

There are a few methods to control possums on your property, we find we have the best results with trapping. We don’t have land that allows you to use other methods such as shooting.

We try to avoid any use of poisons on our land to avoid killing non-target species.

This articles is how to use a common trap “The Timms Trap”. I give you “How to use a Timms Trap”

Timms Traps are a plastic box made from Polyethylene plastic, these are very light compared to other leg hold traps at 1.25kg.

Where do you get Timms Traps

We don’t sell these traps, but you can get one from the great folks over at PhilProof on this link.

Here is a short video of “How to use a Timms Trap”

How to use a Timms Trap

Steps involved to set a Timms Trap

  1. Add Bait to the Timms trap killing bar, we use half of a quarter of an apple. Make sure the bait is horizontal.
  2. Secure the trap to the ground with tent pegs (these should be supplied when you buy the trap)
  3. Set the trap after you have placed any pets that also like apples inside for the night.
  4. To set the trap pull the string at the back of the trap.
  5. Every Morning – Check Traps for Possums and unset “Timms Trap” if you are concerned about non-target animals.
  6. Remove the possum once caught and bury it under a tree that has been suffering from possum damage.