How to subscribe to the kiwimana Buzz Show

Ever wanted to listen to the greatest Beekeeping Show from New Zealand, Then this article offers you some ways to subscribe to the show on your phone, Tablet or Computer. In our beekeeping show, we chat about keeping bees and looking after our garden. We do this by discussing news, tips, tricks and interviewing beekeepers from around the world. You can download a podcast application to listen to the show. Here are two popular ones.

Apple – Iphone / IOS

We recommend you use the built in Podcast Player that Apple provides.

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Here is a video from Dave from the School of Podcasting on how to subscribe to a show

Just search for kiwimana rather than School of Podcasting *Sorry Dave

Android / Google

We recommend Podcast Addict If you like you can also get a pro-version for a few dollars, which is the one we use.

Here is a video on how to install this App and subscribing to the kiwimana buzz

Or Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is a new application by Google, at this stage it only works when you have a internet connection on your phone. So depending on your data plan you may want to look at an option like podcast addict that lets you download podcasts when are connected to Wi-Fi.

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Listen on the Blog Post Page

Click on the play button at the top of the Blog post and listen to the podcast on your computer. Or click on the Download Button “Square with an Arrow in it” to download the file, so you can listen to it later.


YouTube Logo

You can listen to audio only versions of our podcasts, we publish all of our shows onto this CHANNEL on YouTube. Please visit and subscribe to the channel.

Others ways to subscribe to kiwimana Buzz:-

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