How to Paint a Beehive Box

Gary works Hard – Painting Beehive Boxes

We have been busy over the weekend building and painting bee hive boxes. We paint our hives with Boiled Linseed oil, we find this breaths better than paint and it makes the Macrocarpa wood look fantastic.

We saw this great idea on How to Paint a Beehive Box on another website and its a quicker way to paint hive boxes. Without them all sticking together, when you normally do them.

You thread the boxes on a long pole between two scaffold stands; it makes it easier to paint the whole box at once.

Anyway just a quick post to share this tip with you.

5 thoughts on “How to Paint a Beehive Box

  1. Stu says:

    Looks good. Not sure if you got my message on Ooooby. I’m interested in buying a couple of screened bottom boards. Can you let me know how much you sell them for.



    • Gary says:

      Hi Stu,

      Thanks for your interest in the Kiwimana mesh Board, I will get a price to you soon. We have started using a better mesh that is much stronger. So I will need to adjust our pricing for this year’s model.

      We are also looking at a board to cover over the mesh when our customers use Thymol treatments for varroa mites.

      I will send you an email.


  2. Mark de Kiewiet says:

    Gary, we have moved away from painting – too time consuming, costly and has to be redone every few years. We now dip the whole hive in an environmental product called ECO (from Canada and available directly, or Amazon, or several of the large bee companies). IF the wood cracks or moves, this repairs the protective surface. Dip for 2 minutes, dry for 8 hrs, never have to do it again.

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