How to Kill Bees

Here are some handy tips for the new beekeeper to help you kill your Bees and Beehive Honey Bee colony
  1. Buy a Beehive and leave them alone to do their own thing
  2. Don’t learn anything about Beekeeping before you get a Beehive colony
  3. Take off all the Bees Honey
  4. Place your Beehive in a shaded damp location or on the crest of a windy hill or straight on the ground
  5. Don’t do anything about Varroa
  6. Ignore wasps and let wasps enter your hive

Over the top

? No way ! … because this IS what folks are doing and thinking ! The first consideration when getting a Beehive colony is to know that they need to be managed regularly. The second consideration is to learn what pests the honey bees face and what legal requirements you need to adhere to and why this will benefit you and your Bees.


? Sorry folks, but 21st Century Beekeeping no longer gives us the luxury of leaving our Beehives to do their own thing and leaving them to get on with it ! This is no longer an option due to the issues faced by Honey Bees, which if left unchecked, and without education and action, YOU WILL KILL your Honey Bees ! AND the worst part of this WARNING is that to ignore it – will cost you money because your Bees will die ! They will need your care and attention.

Help save bees by beeing a responsible and caring Beekeeper, don’t KILL YOUR BEES, by learning how NOT to kill your Bees.

We hope we have your attention !

Here are links to some articles with great photos to help give you some essential pieces of information about Beekeeping Risks, Beekeeper Gear, and Beekeeping equipment and Bee Disease

Part 1 :

To help you be confident when working your Bees
What are the 3 basics to start beekeeping? Part 1 – Essential Beekeeping Equipment

Part 2 :

To help you know what woodware you need for a Beehive
What are the 3 basics to start Beekeeping? Part 2 – 5 Essential Beehive Components

Part 3 :

To help you learn about the risks and threats to Honey Bees and how best to set up your Beehive
What are the 3 basics to start beekeeping? Part 3 – 6 Essential Pieces of Info About Beekeeping

Bee Disease – excellent video series

To help you learn about Bee disease
American Foulbrood Elimination – a Video Series by the AFB Management Agency
WARNING : Parasite – Varroa Destructor Mite – did you know ? this is the MOST COMMON reason for your Bees to die. Do you have sick Bees with deformed wings ? This article may help if your population is still at a good level
Sick Bees Varroa problem – Remedial action for Deformed Wing Virus using OAV
Thanks folks, although this seems harsh, it is sadly a regular occurrence and we want to help you be a successful Beekeeper. If you want to take up beekeeping – please ask yourself this question : do I have 2 or 3 hours a fortnight to dedicate to a Beehive Honey Bee Colony ? Regards, Margaret

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One thought on “How to Kill Bees

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    dion rigby says:

    Oh well done and so true, just have a look at the latest beekeeper book on the amount of abandoned hives around the country and wonder why we have a problem with disease. And what really annoys me is alot were commercial aps.

    Thanks Dion.

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