How to get started with Urban Beekeeping in Australia – Doug Purdie – KM065

Doug Purdie Urban Beekeeping

Doug Purdie is the Beevangelist and a Sydney based Urban Beekeeper

This week we bring you Doug Purdie, Doug is a urban beekeeper based in Sydney Australia. Doug is our first Australian guest. We discuss Doug’s recent book “Backyard Bees: A guide for the beginner beekeeper” and how he moved from a corporate job to a full time beekeeper.

Hi this is Episode Sixty five of our beekeeping podcast. Doug was on a phone line, so sorry for the quality in some parts of the show.

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Doug left a job in IT to save the bees in the last country in the world to be free of Varroa mites “Australia”. Doug’s is also the President of Amateur Beekeeper’s Association of NSW. And is the author of the “Backyard Bees: A guide for the beginner beekeeper”.

Doug Book is Backyard Bees: A guide for the beginner beekeeper

Backyard Bees A guide for the beginner beekeeper

Here is What You’ll Learn

  • The European Honey Bee has been in Australia since 1822
  • Why Doug’s Company only uses Langstroth Hives.
  • Why do Urban Bees do better than Rural bees
  • QueenCellThat destroying Queen cells won’t stop your bees swarming
  • Why the demography of beekeepers in Australia changing
  • Why Doug doesn’t wear gloves
  • Why the Honey production in Australia this year is going to be lower than last year.
  • The National Parks and Wildlife service is restricting access to Beekeepers.
  • Australia doesn’t Varroa Mites, but does have the small hive beetles.

What Was Mentioned during the interview

  • Doug’s blog is The Beevangelist
  • Our Chat with James Moore about his Swarm Alert iPhone Application “Swarmy
  • Doug’s business can be found HERE
  • Our Chat with Tyson in LA can be found HERE

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