How To Extract Honey Without An Honey Extractor

Here is a simple method on how to get honey out of your combs, this method is great for people with a few hives. Or you only want to extract a few frames at a time. It’s a variation of the crush and strain method for extracting honey.

Here is a video of the process we created for you: (Sorry about the bad acting)

How To Extract Honey Without An Honey Extractor

We use this method to extract the honey from the wax cappings of the frames we have extracted in our recent extraction.

The disadvantage to this method to using an extractor is that the honey comb is lost and. The Bees will need to remake the comb next season.

The method invoices use two food grade buckets and a cheese cloth or similar. You will also need to a drill to make the holes in the base of the top buckets.

Graham Wheeler demonstrated this method at a recent Franklin beekeepers club meeting, so thanks to him for telling us about this method.

How to make the buckets

Step One – Obtain two food grade buckets

Obtain two food grade buckets, we got ours from someone at the Frankin bee club. But try bulk food outlets or your local shop that sells plastic containers. If the buckets are second hand be sure to clean them thoroughly so the old contents don’t taint your honey.

Step Two – cut some holes

On the base of the top bucket drill some holes, these will be used for the honey to drip through.

Step Three – Add a Honey Gate to the bottom bucket

You can also add a honey gate or tap to bottom box, this makes it much easier to decanter the honey into jars. You don’t need this, but it will make it will make it much easier to fill your jars .

How it Works

  1. Add some cheese cloth over the second bucket, this is stop any wax getting into your honey.
  2. You scrap off the honey comb into the top bucket and the honey slowing makes it way trough the holes and cheese cloth into the bottom bucket.
  3. If it’s a hot day you can even leave this outside, but make sure the buckets are sealed or you will get every bee in the neighbourhood visiting your buckets. You could even place a Heavy object on the top bucket to keep it from moving

Your Thoughts

Have you ever tried this method to extract your honey or cappings, did it work for you.

2 thoughts on “How To Extract Honey Without An Honey Extractor

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    Bec says:

    You make a good point that the comb gets lost when an extractor is used, so with a little extra effort, this can be an efficient process. Thanks for posting the video. I teach beginners often and some of them do not do extractions that often and are on a budget, so this may be a good option for them.

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