How to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space in Your Small Yard

Trust us when we say this, a small yard is a blessing in disguise. There’s a lot that you can experiment with in case of small yards rather than the big luscious gardens. You can utilize a small space, make the most of it by undertaking planting and gardening and therefore, turn it into a creative tiny backyard with just a little effort.

We have some creative space saving gardening and decorating ideas to create a relaxing outdoor space in your small yard that can serve as a charming hideaway for you and your family.

Here are some ways you can creatively utilize your small yard space and create a relaxing outdoor space:

Make use of elements that create depth

Small Yard

A small yard cannot be magically turned into a big size yard but you can most definitely create a creative illusion. You can make use of some vintage antique mirrors and hang them on the fences surrounding the yard. They will reflect the greenery all across the yard and will make the yard look much larger than it actually is.

Add a pretty water feature

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Water features are easy to make and look really beautiful. For this, you can dig a rectangular hole of the size of a plastic container, place the container inside and surround with some marble slabs to create a sort of tiny water pool for birds. You can add some varieties of colored stones to make it more edgy. You can also plant some ornamental grass around the feature but you need to closely analyze how to prevent grass seed going bad.

Dedicate a corner of outdoor space to herb garden

For this, you can make use of a rolling cart or stack some crates or even hang some tiered baskets to plant a mini herb garden in one corner of the yard. Planting the herbs is not only takes off the groceries load but having a miniature garden in the yard also looks pretty and relaxing.

Aim for interest levels in the outdoor space

The only way to make the most out of the small yard is to design it according to the scale and by creating levels of interest. You can make use of more than one floor material such as wood and slate here and there to create more levels and dimensions along with gardening of grass and plants of contrasting color. Establish different zones for cooking, mingling or lounging by arranging the furniture that way.

Do not create a clutter

To create a relaxing outdoor space in a small yard, it is necessary to keep a minimalist approach. You need to have a built-in seating along with creatively placed plants making judicious use of the small yard which leaves enough space to bring in additional chairs at times of family get-togethers.

Extend an indoor room in the outdoor space

Today’s world is the world of technology and innovativeness and with a little development you can extend any indoor space that you feel is too small to the outdoor space in your yard. This way you can easily establish more of the space that you feel is too small for the inside to you backyard and also at the same time give a modern look to your entire house. You can also create an extra living room to the outdoor space in your small yard by creating a deck and procuring the necessary wooden furniture to lounge upon.

Make the outdoor space comfortable and cozy

The outdoor spaces in the yards are most often utilized for reading and resting. For this, you need to establish special intimate zones by diving up the whole space and adding soothing elements such as pretty planting and colorful fences.

In addition to playing and experimenting with your own ideas, these tips can help you turn your small yard into a relaxing outdoor space. However, you do need to take care of the fact that the maintenance of the entire space needs to be kept to minimum because small yards come with a luxury of easy cleaning and you wouldn’t want to muck that advantage up.

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    Steve Buckshire says:

    I recently had a deck built (see link for photo) and it definitely extended our indoor living space! It feels like we have an entire new living room outside on our patio. It is a great investment and use of space!

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