How to Build Beehive Frames

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Assembled Frame
How to Build Beehive Frames. In the workshop we assemble a lot of wooden Beehive Frames (Hoffman style). Its pretty easy…here is a photo-shoot with the simple steps on how we Build Beehive Frames.

You’ll need:-

kitset frame = 4 pieces – 1x Top-Bar, 1x Bottom-Bar, 2x Side-Bars.
all you need
Glue – we use ‘Aquadhere Exterior PVA Glue’
got it nailed
Nails – we use Heavy-Duty Galvanised

Glue the Frame

Glue put into slots of top-barThe first thing I do is put glue into the grooves on the top-bar – both sides

topbar and side bar glued together
topbar and side bar glued together

… the sides left and right into the cut slots…..

Then turn upside-down and put glue into the bottom-bar slots

Glued and left to dry
Glued and left to dry

Put glue into recess of side-bar
Put glue into recess of side-bar
glued and place into recess
glued and place into recess
leave to dry
leave to dry

…after gluing wood ware generally you would clamp together but due to the size of the frame its not necessary

Here’s the glued frame:-

Now Nail to secure
When dry – nail to secure

Drill and Nailing the Beehive Frame

Pre-drilling is important when using pine woodware…hive boxes included.

Use 1.5mm drill-bit - smaller than nail size
Use 1.5mm drill-bit – smaller than nail size

If your frames are used for honey, its important to know that honey-frames hold a lot of weight so here’s a handy hint, drill a side-hole which should stop it from coming away from the side-bars when the Bees have propolised everything and you are pulling it out of the hive-box.

Use a smaller drill-bit size than the nail to prevent a loose joint.

…now you wanna nail it!

Top-bar…drill hole right side first, then turn the frame over and drill next hole on same right side, it will make sense when you are doing it : )

Nail into side of top-bar

Top of Side - Nailed

Then you will need to nail in the top of the top-bar, keep this nail more to the rear of the edge of the frame so as to avoid the side-nail – if you hit the side nail, the top nail will protrude.

Then turn frame upside down and nail in.

Nail into bottom-bar

don't forget to do both sides
don’t forget to do both sides

…don’t forget to do both sides…yes it is easy to do when you’ve been assembling 1000’s believe me ~ !

now you have your finished Beehive Frame…yay…

Assembled Frame

So how do you assemble Beehive Frames, do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share. Please comment below:-

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Handy Hint, if you want to make 10 at a time, Gary has a great idea – check-out:-
Frame Building Jig – Using One to Build Frames For Your Bees

Enjoy building your Beehive Frames over Autumn and Winter and then you’ll Bee prepared for next Spring.

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2 thoughts on “How to Build Beehive Frames

  1. Neil Beeson says:

    I push heaps of nails into bees wax before I start so they’re lubed up. Makes it heaps easier and no bent nails

    • alan says:

      Wouldn’t waxing the nails also make it easy for them to loose grip .
      It used to be possible to get cement covered nails for hives and frames They were really hard to pull apart.
      I keep mainly top bar hives so no frames

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