Honey extraction Idea for Manuka – a great tip from Aussie

Clive sent this email which may bee of interest to you…honey extraction tip… …Thanks for sharing Clive. We hope this will help those having difficulty extracting Manuka/Kanuka honey frames, we hope.

This is our second season, we started with 2 single box large nukes last year, so spent most of the first season getting them up to size, currently they are all in 3 deeps and 2 honey supers, i love a big workforce. We are over the water in Melbourne Australia, so it’s great to have a podcast that is in tune with the seasons here, honey is in full swing here despite the predicted drought, and hives almost got honey bound….. each hive has already yielded about 18-19 liters ( I’d say kilos but honey is heavier than water, at least it is in my coffee if I don’t stir it properly), and we have to extract more next week to open up the hives a bit, we have just had a burst here with the Teatree flowering ( Manuka?) and it’s not spinner friendly, we resolved it by leaving the frames in a box in a car to heat up a bit…. Worked sort of…. HOW DO THE KIWIS DEAL WITH IT ? Re honey in the car, place on back seat EARLY in the morning ( that way it heats up evenly) on a hot sunny day, in a large sealed plastic box We get 2 full honey supers in ours, remove when the car is hot enough….. That would be before the wax melts 🙂 “

Let us know if this tip helps you.

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