Honey 2 Inspection

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Inspected the hive today, we had noticed that the landing board has been very quiet lately, so we suspected all was not well inside the hive. The have had two full boxes, and the Bees haven’t done anything with the new top box that was placed over one month ago. Got down to the bottom box, and despite the number of bees there was no sign of any brood or the the Queen. The hive does have lots of honey and Bee Bread/Pollen, but no brood or eggs of any age. So I suspect that in the last month the queen has gone missing. Did spot some wax moth setting up for winter, but no other issues located. I recommend we merge this hive with a stronger one to let put the food to good use. But Margaret is worried that it may be have some kind of disease. I will upload the some photos, what do you everyone think we should do?
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