Honey 1

Hi everyone, well yesterday was a dit damp but we went ahead to check the Bees, Gary was really brave and did a thorough inspection, however when I opened up Honey 1 she was really full !  …I think this is mainly due to the wet weather and they must’ve decided to only send out a few girls. The other factor to consider is that the girls are working really hard and there was another brood frame added so over crowding was obvious…so I decided to add another full depth to the hive so that they had some more room and will do a check next week. Some lessons being learnt?…. after seeing Gary open his Goldie hive,  the metal lid which has open ends seems to let a lot more weather in and the lid liner was still quite wet, in comparison Honey 1 lid liner was dry although the metal lid itself did have some condensation which is expected due to it being metal. The other matter of the location…its very muddy, and makes me a little nervous as I feel like I could slip over so this is being worked on by designer Gary and updates on that as developments continue. When doing inspections I think its crucial to be able to access the hive from either the side or rear of the hive.  This keeps you out of the girls flight path, gives you room to move freely which is handy when trying to hold a frame covered in Bees.  Another idea I am thinking about is perhaps some sort of table for putting up the frames to inspect, and then you could take some respite from the weight of the honey-filled comb.  Maybe condusive would be some sort of device to hold the frames so photo’s can also be taken, the ones I took for Gary yesterday were blurry and its such a shame to waste photos like that.  I will be looking into that too. Thanks for sharing our experience and we’ll keep you posted.

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