Honey 1 – Second Sugar Shaking the hive II

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Well it was a nice day in the hills of West Auckland, so it was time to do the second sugar shake treatment on Honey 1. I made it a bit easier this time, I sieved all the icing sugar or (powdered sugar for our American readers) in the Kitchen beforehand. So I only took down a plastic container and a measuring cup to the apiary. The bees were in good form and looked like small white ghosts flying around afterwards. I also checked the half drone frame in the lower brood (B1), it didn’t have any drones in it I removed one box of ¾ frames from the hive to start reducing it down for winter, these were the frames that we extracted a few weeks back. Left two ¾ boxes on the hive, most of them are 70% – 80% capped, so we are just waiting for them to be capped by the bees. Then we will be able to extract some honey for our winter cups of tea :D. We will do the final treatment next weekend, and then wait ten days before we do another mite count. If this knocks the mites back enough, we can skip using chemicals in our hive this year. Ross Conrod would be proud of our efforts.

2 thoughts on “Honey 1 – Second Sugar Shaking the hive II

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Gary, Great video on this sugar shake. We hope more beekeepers use this organic method of varroa control.
    May we suggest that you do at least five treatments 7 days apart to get the maxinum benefit from the treatment. The drone cells, the most favoured by the mites, have a 24 days cycle, and with only three treatments ie 14 days, you may not get all the mites still in capped cells.
    Supermarket icing sugar contains corn starch to prevent caking so it is best to use your own white sugar ground down in a coffee grinder to a fine powder and used immediately.
    I attached 20mm wide strips of wood to my spacer screen corresponding to the frames below. This enabled the powdered sugar to just go between the frames and did away the need to brush the surplus sugar from on top of the bars and annoy the bees further.
    Best Regards

    • Gary says:

      Thanks Martin for the feedback, yes I have heard about making your own icing sugar.

      It does look like the one I bought contains Cornflour. Will need to look at something to grind it down.

      We used a blender but it still leaves some grains of sugar.

      See you at the next ABC meeting.


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