Honey 1 gets some Apistan strips treatment

Well took my chances today in between the Auckland Rain showers to inspect one of the hives. Today I inspected Honey 1.

Honey one had three brood boxes that I have reduced down to two and put in 2 Apistan strips in each brood box. Here’s hoping that these knock back the Varroa mites a little.

I also put on a new baseboard, one of my new screened bottom boards that I finally finished. It looks nice and bright being recently painted white

Also put in an inspection tray to check if any Varroa mites are killed in the next 24 hours.

The bees were getting a little aggressive towards the end, as I suspect it was getting cold. So I didn’t do a full check of the bottom level. There was no brood in the upper brood.

Its important that the strips are removed in 6-8 weeks, so will remove these in six weeks.

Will try and do the Goldie hive tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Honey 1 gets some Apistan strips treatment

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    Matt says:

    Leave em in for a full 8 weeks. I left my bayvarol in for only six weeks and the mites were back in force in less than two months. Spoke to an apairy inspection officer from MAF who told me 8 weeks. Also I believe mites in the Auckland area are becoming resistant to the synthetic treatments (bayvarol+apistan). After treating for a second time finishing end of feb, I now have a high natural mite fall count. 55 on one hive and 45 on the other per day so am treating AGAIN this time with apivar strips which you can get from http://www.beeswax.co.nz. Its really important to get mite numbers down now as your bees will be laying the winter brood which need to be in tip top health to get through to spring. It might be a good idea to do a test to see if you have resistant mites, which involves taking a jar with a screen lid and 300 or so bees. Drop bit of a strip in and see how many that kills, then kill the bees and see how many mites survived the apistan. Good luck.

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