Honey 1 extraction

Today we checked the hive for any frames that had mostly capped honey and glad to report that we found nine frames. So it was time to do our first extraction of the year. We didn’t get as much honey this season due to the splits and Queen raising experiments we did in spring. But saying that we still have a couple of months of potential good weather, so we may be doing another extraction.

We extracted eight frames (our extractor only does two frames at a time, so you can’t extract odd number frames. The total jars we got were:-

  • Small jars 13
  • Large jars 10

Some of the frames came apart in the extractor. These were old frames from last year, so we are not sure what happened it may have been the heat today. Also some of the honey couldn’t be extracted, I suspect this is the thick Manuka honey that is hard to get out.

We tried pricking the cells but still no luck, oh well the bees can have it back. Also we need to build or buy a decapping tank using a big bowl isn’t working and I feel is making the process very messy.

What do you use as a de-capping tank, please leave a comment. At the end of the day we put the 3/4 box back on top of the hive above the inner roof cover or hive mat, so the bees can clean up the frames. In a week we will remove it and hopefully the bees have cleaned up the frames for next year.

6 thoughts on “Honey 1 extraction

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    Matt says:

    Hey I love that plastic box in the wheelbarrow, beats hefting it back inside eh? You guys are full of bright ideas….How does the honey compare in flavour with last years?

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      Gary says:

      Thanks Matt for the comments, the box idea was Oliva from the Bee Club idea, yep its a great idea and works well because you can put the lid on to stop other bees having a free feed.

      This years honey was a lot darker than last years, I would say more Manuka than usual. Honey production has been down this season for a few other people. Not sure why must be the weather.

      See ya…Gary

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    Kerry says:

    We use the bucket extractor method, same as Paul B at the B club. and we have put a couple of boxes of half frames on there for cut comb this year, that has been very successful I find it easier to deal with than honey extraction.

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      Gary says:

      Thanks Kerry, is that the two-Bucket extractor in the recent Auckland Bee Club Journal?

      If so we will look at making some of those for the capping’s….Thanks for the comment…Gary

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    Graham Wheeler says:

    This was our second ever honey take,both were 8 frames
    we got 18KG from each 8. We do scrape and crush into buckets,although this last one we didn’t bother to mash ,it worked great ,took us 70 minutes fom start to finish (including retrieving it from the hive) we scrape the frames into a square bucket with a peice of wood on top to rest the frame on, it needs to filter thru for about 24 hrs,
    will send some picsof set up if your interested

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