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This week we are talking about more thieving mongrels, Getting Ripped-Off in the UK, alienation of New Zealanders?, “is my backyard big enough” and what’s goin’ on across the ditch? This is Episode One Hundred and One of our beekeeping podcast.

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Welcome To the kiwimana buzz..

Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

The shownotes for this podcast are at http://kiwi.bz/101

Mississippi River, Stone Arch Bridge & Minneapolis skyline

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Minnesota fact: Did you know the stapler was invented in Spring Valley by Charles Henderson.

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What’s happening at kiwimana


  • Happy New Year – Restful and busy time at kiwimana HQ
  • Swarm that moved into old boxes and doing well
  • Congrats to Chris and Laura, Jasper has arrived.
  • Met up with Teri and Gary from Half Moon Honey in California
  • New Beekeeping Podcast Bee Smart beekeeping by Tony Sandoval “Big Bear”
  • Congrats to Kevin Inglin from the BK Corner Podcast for reaching the milestone of 100 Episodes Great work Kevin


  • Really busy before Christmas getting orders out, arranging pick-ups
  • Our Top Bar is doing well – Last Season Queen laying well
  • Our 7 frame experimental hive-box colony are thriving – last season Queen
  • Our 2 colonies installed at the Education Apiary – this season’s new Queens – got their first varroa treatment last week – will be doing three more treatments once a week over three weeks – then monitoring results after a further 10 days

Blog Recap

Top three Blog Posts Last Month

  1. Beekeeping 357 with Joe Lewis
  2. Rocking and Rollin at the Speed of 100
  3. Getting your Bees Ready for Winter – Spring-Inspection

Feedback on EP 100

We were so thrilled to get all your recorded messages through Speakpipe, it’s so good that you joined the …kiwimana buzz.. to make this a great episode.

Charles Peter

Congratulations on achieving this great milestone.I have checked almost all the podcasts.I am more than ever impressed through your approach of looking . It shows your visualization, important attempt you take in .Keep up the great work.

Hershel Kreis

Thanks to my Kiwi friends for the birthday wishes! Loved the show and you both keep getting better with every episode. Hope all is well and looking forward to the next 100.

True Nature Education

This is definitely first rated!


FYI Allen @MeadMakr is in Maryland and Tysen @MeadDrinkr is in Virginia, USA.

Feedback on Getting your Bees Ready for Winter

Article written by Margaret was a popular read….

Zelda Wynn

Loved all the images showing the egg stages & the bees, especially the Italian Queen!

Beekeeping News

Reported at the beginning of December just before Christmas…more thieving mongrels on the east coast of New Zealand !

THIEVES have struck again at another East Coast beekeeping operation.
The small-scale beekeepers lost 15 hives from a paddock on the Tuparoa Road near Ruatoria some time in the past two to three weeks.

Stung again

Your Feedback

Kelly Snowden – What is wrong with people! We’ve have 30 set fire to this season it’s beyond disgusting what people out their will do!
Gabriel Henry – ? I hope they find them, unfortunately there are lowlife people out there ?
Craig Lovell – Hope to see the thieves hanging by the hocks sometime soon
Don Simm – Why do people do the like button

An article from Karen a new blog from ViraminBee, this was back in November and proved very popular with you guys, it talks of when the Manuka was flowering big time. It’s all over now for Manuka. It explains how to tell when a honey flow has started.

Why timing your bee build up is so important – If they build up too slowly, then once the nectar starts, there will not be enough bees to maximise nectar collection and honey production and the beekeeper will miss the honey flow, and have a poor harvest

The honey flow is on

Your Feedback

Markus Bärmann – This picture shows Kanuka….or the botanicals are wrong 😀

European foulbrood has been detected in the Northern Territory for the first time. EFB was first detected in Australia in the late 1970s. Katherine is a town south Darwin. They don’t know how it arrived in the Town.

An infectious bee disease that can kill off whole hives has been found in a small number of hives in the Katherine region.

Infectious bee disease found in Katherine

Your Feedback

Xiong Xie – Any EFB in New Zealand? And how to deal with EFB? Many thanks

Victorian apiarist Simon Mulvany has lodged a defamation claim against the Honey Packing company Capilano. Simon is a consumer afficate for better labelling laws in Australia.

A Supreme Court battle between a beekeeper and Australia’s biggest honey producer Capilano over the safety and source of its products is becoming increasingly bitter, with both sides now suing the other.

Capilano and beekeeper Simon Mulvany suing each other as honey dispute turns sticky

We called Simon to ask him about the lawsuits, Full Podcast coming soon.

Simon’s Website is HERE

Brits – leave our Manuka alone! It’s our native tree and grows in our soil, the term “Manuka” is the Maori name – it belongs to our people…I can feel a HAKA coming-on !!

Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall is trying to steal the name ‘Manuka’ to sell honey produced in England. Australia are also trying to the use the name instead of ‘Jelly Bush Honey’

An English country estate cashing in on the lucrative manuka honey market has been given a stinging riposte by Kiwi beekeepers who say, “You can’t call it manuka.”

Kiwi beekeepers tell English honey producers: ‘You can’t call it manuka’

Your Feedback

Lyle Cairns – “From Utah” Good on you. I think some of you bee keepers who know and produce that specific honey should sue to protect the name, maybe it will end Chinese honey with the same label.

Jasmine Skinner – The French are the only ones who can call champagne that, I think that’s what they’re meaning geez ?

Dave Spart – “Calling it manuka is like us taking a grape or vine from France and calling the wine ‘champagne’ – it’s not champagne. I can’t take water and barley from Scotland and call it whisky”

Um, actually you can….you just couldn’t call it Scotch Whisky. Likewise, Champagne is a geographical region and not a grape name so the analogy is flawed. You can call it Manuka, just not New Zealand Manuka Honey.

A great post from Beekeeping Like a Girl “Hilary Kearney”. She ponders how much space do you need in your backyard to accommodate a bee colony.

I often get this question from bee-curious people. It is the first hurdle of becoming a beekeeper: Can it work in my backyard?

How Much Space Does a Beehive Need

Questions from you

  • How to make a super beehive – Scarlett – New York, USA
  • What happens to a swarm of bees in wild – Tara – Wellington, NZ
  • What is the most common beehive used in the uk – Evelyn – Bradford, England

If you have a question, email us at [email protected] and the team at kiwimana will do our best to answer it. Or visit our speakpipe page HERE

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Itunes Reviews

Kia Ora! – ChromeViking – 5 Stars – Canada

New beekeeper here, hailing from the great white north in Alberta, Canada. Awesome podcast chocked full of all sorts of wonderful information, advice and insight. Started with the first and working my way through them all. Well worth the listen, both entertaining and informative! – Monday, 23 January 2017

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Song before Questions was by Super Bubbly by Jesse Spillane

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