Gut Wrenching

Sad news today our first hive which we thought our strongest hive has died. We have noticed lately that the hive has been very quiet. Today we noticed some comings and goings but these were German wasps or yellow jackets for our American readers. We opened up the hive to discover a hand full of bees with no brood or queen. The lower frames still had pollen on it which had turned mouldy. The upper brood had loads of honey. The bottom had around 100 dead bees. I suspect the queen died for some reason, will not re queen it until spring which is only a few weeks away in New Zealand. Must say one of our saddest days bee-keeping so far. We closed off the hive to stop future robbing and will remove the hive on the next fine day. Wondering if we should bin the mouldy frames or try and clean them up? What do you do? See ya Gary

3 thoughts on “Gut Wrenching

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    Steven says:

    Sorry about the loss of the hive – it’s never a good feeling.

    Regarding the moldy frames, when I asked about it on BeeSource, people said just put them in a hive and the bees will clean them up. So maybe for now put them somewhere where they won’t get worse, and next year let the bees have them.

    — Steven

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    Mark Wooller says:

    Hi Gary, Same thing happened to us this year, I think the hive must of got weak, the wasps moved in and then the bees were gone, Mould also seemed to be a problem, Now looking to start again this spring, joking with my wife maybe we need more aggressive bees to fight of those wasps, instead of the lovely gentle ones we had !
    Just working a way to get to Swanson to pick up one of your bases from Trade Me, Thanks for your reply to my question on TM,
    Cheers Mark,

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