Greenparty – Government must act on pesticides bee-fore it’s too late

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Well I hope this isn’t the case, but I hope the government look at the banning these bee killing pesticides. Why does everything have to be a crisis before we act on these issues? Mr Key?
News that bee keepers are experiencing significant losses in bee populations should spur the Government into action on restricting bee killing pesticides, Green Party food spokesperson Sue Kedgley said today. The National Beekeepers Association reported over the weekend that beekeepers in some parts of New Zealand are experiencing losses in their bee populations of up to 30 percent.
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3 thoughts on “Greenparty – Government must act on pesticides bee-fore it’s too late

  1. Martin says:

    Getting rid of these powerful and dangerous pestisides would be a big help to our bees but we still need more research on treatments for varroa.
    Recently I read of the results of a new Canadian product called Mite Away Quick Strips, a organic formic acid pad that has had very good reports from both the beekeeping industry in USA and Randy Oliver, who will be speaking at the June Bee conference in Auckland.
    On contacting all the beekeeping equipment suppliers in NZ and the NBA, not one of them is interested in importing this product or even reading up about it. Amazing

    • Gary says:

      Hi Martin,
      Thanks for the comments, yes the strips sound like a good idea.

      Have you looked into the cost of shipping some from America, I have heard good things about them on some American podcasts.

      Let’s discuss the next time we meet, maybe we could share the shipping costs.

      I would live to see Randy Oliver speak, but not sure which day of the conference he is attending. DO you know the day Randy is talking? Can’t afford to go everyday alas…

      See ya…Gary

      • Martin says:

        Randy will be talking on the Sunday,our hobby beekeepers day. I will ask Paul W to send out an e-mail with the Sundays agenda.

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