Grahams Top Bar Hive

One of our readers Graham, wrote us this great email regarding his New Top Bar Hives and also sent in some great photos of the girls progress. We must look at building a TBH this year. Thanks Graham for letting us publish these great photos and we love the bee stickers on your hive.
Hi Gary Just thought you might like to see how my hive is going, I got a call to collect a swarm nearly 2 weeks ago and promptly collected it and installed it in my new hive I very patiently waited till today to open it while my son was here to take a few photos, I can’t believe how quick these bees work !! I started with 10 bars and they are all FULL!!! tons of brood and honey not a lot of pollen, but I am amazed, even got a photo of the Queen. My second hive I installed a 4 frame Nuc of Carnies, they are also going very well, not as fast as the swarm but not as many bees on 4 frames, I did a chop and crop of the Lang frames and shook the bees in, was a bit messy but worked out OK. Cheers Graham

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