Goldie Day One – Our Very First Beehive

Well day one of our Beekeeping adventure, we purchased a NUC last night from our new friend  Rosemary.

A NUC or nucleus is a small hive with a Queen and a number of drones and worker bees. We placed this in the back of the ute and headed to the hills, when we got home we placed it next to the new hive (Now named Goldie). 

The new hive is located in an area where we used to have an orchard, which has since been taken over with other pest plants, namely Ginger.

We have been clearing this area over the last few weeks, in preparation of getting the hives.

This afternoon when the sun finally came out we transferred the five frames from the NUC to the new hive.  We were both suited up, so didn’t get stung before anyone asks.

The Bees were not aggressive at all, so I think the suit may have been overkill. We put a couple of puffs of smoke into the hive to distract the Bees as well.

The old box still had a few bees left in it, we tried to knock them out of the box. But some still remained, we left it by the new hive. Hopefully the Bee’s will find their way in the new hive.

Here are some photos of todays Big Move:

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      Margaret Groot says:

      Hi Peter, cheers for your comment – we are currently working on our next newsletter but yes we have only written 4 this bee season 2021. Thanks for your feedback Peter and would love to hear what you enjoyed about our newsletters Regards, Margaret …it’s the kiwimana buzz…

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