Goldie Second Inspection

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Hi All, Well with the weather being amazing in the hills today, we thought would inspect Goldie to see how she was going.  Its been a couple of weeks, since we have checked out the Goldie Girls. Well, findings were that that there was a lot of condensation under the lid of the hive so we left the lid off to dry while the weather is sunny. The Hive has ten full size frames, and seven out of ten have been drawn out with wax.  Great to see the frames that we built are being used by the Girl’s. Very exciting ! …we were able to identify the Queen in the one of the middle frames. We also spotted some new young Bee’s.  Spotted capped brood and capped food we think….still learning!  Also spotted a strange creation of wax that doesn’t look like a queen birthing area, maybe it was new drones ? …we’ll keep you posted. Overall – OK : )  …. forgot to look for eggs in all the excitement, but evidence of new bees so looking good. Off to buy some new hives …planning inspection of Honey 1 …. Next Inspection 7 Nov 2009 See ya…G & M from Kiwimana
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