Goldie Inspection and First Sting.

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Goldie Today
Decided to not use my huge gloves today, to see what it would be like. Got stung as the Bee’s seem very aggressive today for some reason. Maybe it was the windy weather, it was bright and sunny but quite windy. But calm down by the hives. Checked the new Brood Box and it was completely empty, bees but no wax. So I think my placement of putting at the bottom was a mistake. So I have switched them around, empty brood now on top. The main Brood is almost full of wax, saw Queenie and evidence of lava and still haven’t seen any eggs yet. We didn’t inspect the last four frames as the Bee’s were getting annoyed and the smoker had gone out. Plus my hand was hurting because of the sting, I know but dear reader it hurt. So put the Real Estate sign installation on the top between the hive mat and the tin roof, there was less condensation that the last time. So I think the hole in the hive mat is a good idea. M also checked Honey 1, we will we await her blog for that visit. Next Inspection 5 Dec 2009 Smokie
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