Goldie Inspection 5 Dec 2009

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Well it was time for inspection of both our hives, Margaret needed to add a new brood box to Honey 1. We did this I thought we would be doing a full inspection, but Margaret decided not to today as there was a lot of Bees in the hive. She may post an entry for this inspection. So anyway I went ahead and checked out Goldie, well the top Brood box is almost full. There are still only around five frames that haven’t been drawn out. Not much brood in the upper brood, but we did spot the queen in one the middle frames. So maybe she is going start laying eggs up there. Some great frames of nectar and capped honey in the upper brood as well, the lower is mainly brood with some capped honey. Some of lower frames had been waxed together; also saw a strange comb formation. We think it may be drone cells, will post a picture and anyone can confirm this that would be great. Sorry the picture isn’t the best. I put some match sticks on the four corners of the lower brood, to give the bees some ventilation. We are heading into a very humid weather pattern down in New Zealand. So hopefully this will stop them bearding. Could see some large black clouds in distance, so suspect it will be raining today. Goldie Next Inspection:- 20 Dec 2009 Also bought a router today, so we are going to try and make our own hive. We got some Macrocarpa wood from Cypress sawmill near Waitoki. So will keep you posted on this work.
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