Goldie Inspection – Mouldy frames :(

Well after some months after losing Goldie we decided to do an inspection of the frames fine webbing & fungusand the hive. The hive is looking damp and mouldy and has evidence of wax moth and other yucky stuff.

We left the hive separate from Honey 1 and not in the Shed.   We recently did our DECA course and are now more aware than ever of the need for good hygiene practices where the hives are concerned. 

The comb has a lot of pollen which is starting to what looks like fermenting.

There is this white mould appearing. 

sunken capping….this shows sunken capping which has little holes in, these kind of holes can be created by the bees doing normal “housekeeping”, but reveals more sinister goings on.

When the cell was opened, inside was a white mouldy pupae, this is called chalkbrood.mummified 2 

A “mummified bee”….

this one shows another “mummy” and these mummies also had (dead) varroa mites.

sac brood

I uncapped this one and foundwhite mould-more symptoms of what could be chalkbrood.

I will add some more during the week as its getting late !

Regards, Margaret

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