Goldie gets some Apistan strips treatment

Did the inspection of Goldie today, the weather was patchy today. So couldn’t get started until after two pm. Took a while to light the smoker as most of the wood is also damp.

We needed to get the Apistan strips in to get the bees ready for winter in New Zealand.

The bees were pretty active today, it did look like most of the girls were at home due to the inclement weather. I removed the two supers with partial honey, which will feed back to bees if needed later in the year.

Didn’t spot any new brood or the queen today, but didn’t inspect all of the lower brood due to the impending night.

The lower brood wax is very black indeed, I guess this is because it’s so old. Checked a few brood cells for American Foul Brood. All looks OK but the brood is pretty sparse. Hopefully the queen has just slowed down and not passed away.

Added the Apistan strips and checked the inspection tray from honey 1 which was covered with mites, so the strips are doing the business.

Well we will leave the strips in for seven weeks and see what happens.

We need to sort our hive storage shed for the winter, we need to get some PDB crystals to stop the wax moths.

Paradichlorobenzene (PDB) is used when when you store supers or brood boxes, the Wax moth doesn’t like the smell so keeps away.  But it doesn’t effect the comb. Have to find somewhere in New Zealand that sells it…Doe anyone know where you can but it from and does it work?

***Update March 2016***
Paradichlorobenzene (PDB) is now banned in New Zealand, small traces were allowed up to 2013. But from what I understand its use is no longer permitted in Honey for domestic and export purposes. Thanks for Graham Hall is pointing this out.

You can read more about this on the Food and Standards website:-
Extraneous Residue Limit In Honey (Paradichlorobenzene)

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