Giving Queen Rearing a Go!!!

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Today we started our Queen Rearing experiment, we are going to follow the Millar method which seems the easier one to try for backyard Bee-keepers like ourselves.

We have decided to use Honey 1, the Queen is the best tempered and Honey 1 is currently our only hive. So the choices were not great.

The basic principle is that you put in an empty frame with comb in the centre of the brood and the Queen will lay eggs on it.

Three days later you take it out and place it into a Queenless NUC box. We have been busy in the workshop building NUCS for this experiment.

Google “Millar Method” for a more detailed explanation of the process.

So today is day one, we need to take out the frame after day three and check for eggs. I lit a fire today to provide some hot embers for our smoker and then the heavens opened up, just my luck after three days of perfect weather. But as the weather does in Auckland half an hour later it was sunny again and the bees were back to work. So I quickly got my Bee Suit back on and it was down to our Bee Garden.

Check back in a few days for an update on our Millar experiment.


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3 thoughts on “Giving Queen Rearing a Go!!!

  1. Steven says:

    Make sure you shake off enough nurse bees into the queenless NUC to give them a chance to survive. I tried a NUC my first year and it failed. The next year I did the same, but shook off an extra frame of nurse bees and it succeeded beautifully.

    — Steven

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks Steven, that is a good idea.

    Been meaning to ask about your NUCs, I see you have multi level NUCs. What is the advantage of this? All our NUCs are single level and we transfer to full sized hives when they out grow these. Thanks Gary

    • Steven says:

      I had a nuc which was active for a long time, and they were filling up the frames of the nuc with brood, etc. (like a good queen should). I didn’t have another full size hive to put them in, and I thought they may run out of room and decide to swarm. So I decided to make a medium nuc super and put frames on it. I had undrawn plastic medium frames and wanted to see if they would draw them out.

      Well they did, and it worked well. But then I had 5 medium frames with brood, and I run all deeps for brood. So when I hived the nuc, I had to have one deep and one medium.

      Basically it was an experiment, and it worked well.

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