Giving Queen Rearing a Go!!! Part 3

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Well its day 13 now, so time to move the many Queen Cells that hopefully have been created.

Inspecting the NUC today and we only have one Queen Cell on the Millar frame and it wasn’t on the edge at all, I suspect that the other eggs may have died in the cold when we moved it to the new NUC.

The cell looks like a Supersedure cell and not a Queen Cell at all, I suspect the Bees picked a younger egg. Reading Dr Millers book it sounds like the Bees prefer a egg that is less than two days old.

So we may still have a valid Queen, I will check after 23 Oct 2010 (day 23-30) to see if the Queen has started laying eggs and she did indeed go on her mating flight. Watch this space!!!

May also repeat the experiment when the weather gets a little hotter, its sunny here but the wind is very cold.

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