Fun with the Microscope Camera – We Found a German Wasp Queen

We purchased a USB Microscope from Ecroyd Beekeeping at the Bee Conference, not really a Microscope more like a good macro lens. The beauty of this device is that you can plug it into your computer and take photos. So here are some photos:-

Queen Bee

One of a Queen Bee that was created by Honey 1 a hive that died, the bees created a new Queen but alas the hive didn’t have enough bees to support her.

Worker Bee

The next a worker bee that we found on the ground one cold day and once we brought her inside, she came back to life so we let her fly back to the hive.

A German Wasps Queen

The third is a German Wasp Queen that we found today, while we were moving firewood. She must have been waiting for spring to start a new colony of wasps. She looked a lot like a German wasp, but much bigger.

5 thoughts on “Fun with the Microscope Camera – We Found a German Wasp Queen

  1. Avatar photo
    Gina says:

    I need one of those little camera thingys. I had a look and couldn’t find it. Could you point directly to where it might be please. Gina

  2. Avatar photo
    Wendy Pettersen says:

    Wow Gary those pics are awesome!. How does the USB work? Can you only use it next to your computer?
    By The way your mesh bottom works a treat and I can check the hive almost everyday.

    • Avatar photo
      Gary says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Yes you plug it into the camera directly into the USB port of your computer, so it would be hard to use on the bee hive 🙂

      Thanks great to hear that the Screen Bottom board is going well, we will soon be starting to build the new seasons boards. There are indeed a great way to keep an eye of the mites without having to disturb the bees.

      See ya…Gary

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