Franklin Bee Club and Tana Umaga?

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We got up late today after a late night at an engagement party last night congrats to Ben and Lorelle. Anyway we stopped off at a cafe on the way and who should we run into but Tana Umaga the famous New Zealand All Black. We asked if we could take a photo with him, he was very nice and didn’t mind at all. We were a little late to the meeting but had a good excuse :). We have admired Tana’s rugby skills for a while. It was great to meet him. Anyway enough Rugby talk, onwards to the Bee club. The club now has a new top bar hive, which has only just had a swarm installed in it. The hive is a creation from Graham’s workshop, who had just returned from a holiday in England. Where he encountered some very large bees 🙂 Peter demonstrated how to split a hive based on his method, which I will publish a full document soon. I promise Peter 🙂 We also made a video of Peter inspecting one the hive:-
Peter inspects a Bee Hive
The top bar hive was doing some strange things. It looks like a swarm had landed on the side of it. We thought it might be confused bees from another hive. The numbers of bees seemed to reduce over the course over the meeting. We also dropped off an empty Nuc for Peter to fill with his nice bees. We will need to pick up these at a later date. It was great to see Sharon picking up her new bees. They looked like a strong colony indeed. Afterwards we went to a local cafe for a coffee, which seems to be a regular after meeting event. Hopefully you can join us next time.

2 thoughts on “Franklin Bee Club and Tana Umaga?

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I recognise where those very large bees are…the Eden Project in Cornwall! They got some hives there just recently, previously there were none because they had silly health and safety concerns about visitors getting stung.

    • Gary says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Well with bees that size Emily, I can see why there was concern. Yep you are correct Graham was visiting Cornwall. See ya…Gary

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