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This week we are talking to Mary Canning from Follow the Honey. Find out how the “Follow the Honey” movement started and how it is helping lives of beekeepers.

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Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, We are beekeepers from the hills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our podcast is about beekeeping, Gardening and bit of politics about environmental issues. We also have been known to go off on tangents about other issues.

Sit back and listen to Mary’s story of how the Follow the Honey movement was started.


Mary Canning is from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mary’s company partners with beekeepers around the world to give them a fair and honest price for their honey.

Mary opened the Follow The Honey Shop in 2011 along with her husband and business partner Ingo.

Here is what you will discover

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  • What is Follow the Honey
  • Honey is a precious resource and should be greatly valued
  • Third world honey is under valued.
  • About Mary’s project in Tanzania
  • How to say Bee in Swahili
  • How she is working to “Get Honey Money to the People”
  • Ways to market your honey
  • How Mary’s Honey Money is changing lives

Resources mentioned in the show

Mary’s website is

Further reading about Mary and Follow the Honey

The Follow the Honey Shop in located in Cambridge, Massachuesetts.

Video about the follow shop

Follow The Honey from Louise Johnson on Vimeo.

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