First Swarm and Start of Honey 1

Well we got a text message today from my brother about someone at his work that had a swarm in their garden.

Well we have never picked up a swarm, but after reading the pages from “Bee Keepers for Dummies”, we ventured out even thou Gary wasn’t feeling the best today.

We found the swarm sitting in a tree at the rear of the property, and it was huge. I don’t think I have seen that many bees in one place before.

Anyway with a bit of climbing of a ladder and pruning of a tree the bees were hanging from, most of the swarm was inside the cardboard box we brought along and heading back to KiwiMana HQ.

We placed them in a new brood box at home located near our other hive, the hive will be called “Honey One”.

Some of Bee’s were still outside the hive tonight, but with rain tonight I’m sure there will go in doors soon.

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