• Have you got your Beehive through Winter and want to know about the best way to keep your Bees alive and healthy ?
  • or did your colony die?
  • and do you want to learn what pests kiwi Honey Bees face and tricks on how to deal with them ?
We get heaps of questions from beginner Beekeepers - maybe they are asking the same questions as you ?

Questions we get about dying honey bee colonies ?

  • I don't want to lose my Bees and need some advice on how to stop my bees from dying?
  • My Bees died...why and what can I do to avoid this happening again?
  • I didn't see any problems!
  • What do I need to look out for?
  • What is varroa?

This 'how to' 5 hour Beekeeping Course is based in West Auckland, New Zealand.

Where do I start ? ...start with this course

This simple and informative course covers threats and Pests harming New Zealand's Honey Bees.  The course will offer some Beehive Management tips and will cover a recommended Integrated Pest Management program.  You will hear about equipment and methods used.

You will have the opportunity to look inside a fully-working Beehive where you can see and identify what is not normal. Suitable for new beekeepers or beginners with Bees. The course is run from our Apiary where we will have class time then move out into the apiary to have a look inside a fully-working Beehive.

Benefits of taking a kiwimana Beekeeping Course?

8 students per course -  more exclusive - with low student numbers - more attention for you

Beekeeping Course Breakdown

This one day course runs for 5 hours.  It comprises of three sessions as detailed below.

First Session no Bees - classroom

  • Seasons and what impact do they have on my Honey Bees?
  • Bee Activities
  • Beekeeper Activities + Beekeeper Hygiene
  • Inspection Methods
  • What pests / threats do kiwi honey Bees face ?

Second Session no Bees - classroom

  • Introducing the Equipment recommended for an IPM program
  • What pests / threats do kiwi honey Bees face ?
  • How to deal with the worst threat to the Honey Bee
  • Learn how to identify the threats / pests.

Third Session Apiary

  • What is the best Set Up for a Beehive ?
  • Lighting a smoker
  • Inspect a fully-working Beehive Honey Bee colony.

Goal of the Organic Varroa Managment - Integrated Pest Management Course

The overall goal of this course is to help you manage your Beehive in a way that means your Bees will survive by using several methods to form an Integrated Pest Management Program and Plan and the equipment which will help.  Examples of organic treatment for Varroa shown.  Learning to identify threats / pests or issues in your Beehive.  Learn about the signs of a failing Beehive.

By using understanding of Bee Behaviour and how to use that in your beekeeping. Identifying what you are seeing in your hive - learning the difference between healthy Bees versus sick bees.

How do I Get on this Course

Courses now available for 2022 - click on box below and it will take you to the product page to check dates...we hope you choose kiwimana

Media Credit

Varroa destructor on a bee nymph flickr photo by Gilles San Martin shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license