Have you ever thought about taking up Beekeeping, but just don't know where to start?!

This introductory 4 hour Beekeeping Course is based in West Auckland, New Zealand. Please join the waitlist if this is Out of Stock, once we have enough students we will schedule dates for the next course.

Where do I start ? ...start with this course

Here at kiwimana we are Beekeepers who want to help those interested in Bees and Beekeeping by providing this simple and informative starter course.  It will give you a great overview of the ‘world of Beekeeping’, a start without Bees, ‘Hands-Off’. Suitable for those without Bees. Then an Apiary visit to meet the Bees.

Benefits of taking a kiwimana Beekeeping Course ?

4 students per course -  more exclusive - with low student numbers - more attention for you

Goal of the Introduction to the World of Beekeeping course

The overall goal of this simple introductory course is for you to gather information to see if Beekeeping is for you.

You will learn the very basics from covering what is needed to get started and understanding on what time would be involved in running a Beehive.

You will visit our apiary and we’ll introduce you to our Bees.

After the introduction course, there will be further learning opportunities with “forward-training” Beekeeping courses to gain wider Beekeeping and Beehive management understanding.

Beekeeping Course Breakdown

First Stage no Bees

  • Starting with Beehive configuration + Basic Beekeeping terminology.
  • Demo of beekeeper gear + beekeeping tools + hive- woodware for starting out.
  • Who are the Bees in the Hive ?
  • What are the Risks ?

Second Stage no Bees

  • Introduction to Seasons and how these affect Beekeeper and Bee Activities.
  • Introduction to What is an ‘inspection? and their purpose ?
  • What is Health, Disease and Beekeeper Hygiene?
  • What are the Risks?

Third Stage - Visit the Apiary

  • Introduction to our Apiary
  • How to set-up a Beehive + Legalities + Beekeeper Hygiene
  • What are the Risks?
  • Lighting a smoker
  • Meet the Bees + opening a fully working Beehive.

How do I Get on this Course

Courses now available for 2022 - click on box below and it will take you to the product page to check dates...we hope you choose kiwimana

Intro to the World of Beekeeping 2022